Choosing the right summer dress according to your figure

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Dresses are essential women's clothing that allows you to have a look that is both elegant and comfortable. Many cuts and styles of dresses exist in the market today. In this blog article, we will present our different models of dresses available in store so that you can so you can find the one that suits you best.

The wrap dress: an elegant and comfortable dress

Robe Simonne Tits-PoisRobe Simonne Papillons

The wrap dress is a crossover dress model at the front of the bust that ties at the waist. It is particularly flattering for curvy women as it highlights the chest and waist. Very popular in the 1940s, the wrap dress is making a strong comeback in today's fashion. It comes in different patterns, making it ideal for all occasions and styles.

The t-shirt dress: the essential summer dress

Robe Joséphine BleueRobe Lin Rose

Appearing a few years ago, the t-shirt dress has become a staple of the summer wardrobe. With its simplified and comfortable cut, this dress can be easily combined with sneakers or sandals for a casual and trendy look. Advantageous for all silhouettes, it exists in many colors, prints and materials ranging from stretch fabrics to beautiful linen. 

The flap dress: for a feminine and sophisticated style

Robe Gloria FleurieRobe Gloria Fleurie

The flap dress is a very elegant model that gives you a sophisticated look. Unlike other styles, it has ruffles that add texture and movement to the dress, which particularly flatters V or X silhouettes. This style of dress comes in several patterns and is particularly suitable for formal occasions such as weddings. , parties or even cocktails in town.

The maxi-dress: the perfect dress for summer

Robe Estivale

The maxi-dress is definitely the star of the summer with its length that reaches the ankles. Easy to wear, it is suitable for all occasions, all body types and all silhouettes. Choose a looser model if you consider yourself thinner or, on the contrary, a more fitted model. This type of dress is beautiful with high heels for a walk in town or for an event. 

In conclusion, these different models of dresses each have their specificities, their advantages and their styles. It is important to choose the cut that perfectly suits your morphology and that best meets your needs and your style. Whether it's for a formal occasion or for a casual summer look, there is a dress that will be perfect for you... Especially with us!


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